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Learn Spanish Prepositions

Prepositions are short words which express conditions, directions, specifications, such as of, over, to, from, etc.

When a definite article follows them, they bind to it. When they are not followed (and bound) to articles, as above, they are called "simple prepositions". Good luck friend!

a to, toward
ante before, in front of
bajo under, underneath, beneath, below
con with
contra against
de of, from
desde since, ever since
durante during
en in, on, at
entre between, among
excepto except for
hacia toward
hasta until, up to, as far as
mediante by means of
para for, in order to
por for, by
salvo save for
según according to
sin without
so under (legal term)
sobre over, above, about, concerning
tras behind, in back of

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