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How To Ask Questions In Spanish

Asking questions in Spanish is pretty straightforward.

General questions

Sometimes called yes/no questions, general questions are a simple request for verification or denial. There are 3 ways to ask these questions:

Form a sentence and put question marks around it (when writing) or raise the intonation of your voice at the end (when speaking).

¿María habla español?
Does Maria speak Spanish?

¿Habla María español?
Does Maria speak Spanish?

¿Habla español María?
Does Maria speak Spanish?

Invert the subject and verb.

María habla español, ¿no?
Maria speaks Spanish, doesn't she?

¿Está María aquí?

Information questions

Information questions are more complicated; they ask for more information, such as who, what, when, where, why, how, which, for what, etc.

Some common information question words:

¿Dónde? means "Where?" ¿Adónde? means "To where?" Thus, dónde asks for a location, while adónde asks for a destination.

¿De dónde? means "From where?"

¿Cómo? means "How?"

¿Cuál? and ¿Cuáles? mean "What?" or "Which?"

¿Cuándo? means "When?"

¿Cuánto(-a)? means "How much?"

¿Cuántos(-as)? means "How many?"

¿Qué? means "What?"

¿De qué? means "About what?" or "Of what?"

¿Quién(-es)? means "Who?"

¿A quién(-es)? means "Whom?"

¿Con quién(-es)? means "With whom?"

¿De quién(-es)? means "Whose?"

¿Por qué? means "Why? (for what reason)"

¿Para qué? means "Why? (for what purpose)"

Good luck friend!

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