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All Spanish verbs are either "regular" or "irregular." In this lesson we will look at three completely regular verbs:

  • hablar (to speak)
  • comer (to eat)
  • vivir (to live)

Use the above three words to understand that there are three main types of verbs:

  • -ar verbs (like hablar)
  • -er verbs (like comer)
  • -ir verbs (like vivir)
All three categories are infinitives.

The following tables will show you how to conjugate the verbs by using the examples of regular verbs above.

hablar (to speak) aprender (to learn) vivir (to live)
yo (I) hablo (I speak) aprendo (I learn) vivo (I live)
t (you, singular informal) hablas (you speak) aprendes (you learn) vives (you live)
l (he), ella (she), usted (you, singular formal) habla (he speaks, she speaks, you speak) aprende (he learns, she learns, you learn) vive (he lives, she lives, you live)
nosotros, nosotros (we) hablamos (we speak) aprendemos (we learn) vivimos (we live)
vosotros, vosotras (you, plural informal) hablis (you speak) aprendis (you learn) vivs (you live)
ellos (they), ellas (they), ustedes (you, plural, formal) hablan (they speak) aprenden (they learn, you learn) viven (they live, you live)

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